• Jazmin Villegas

Class of 2020 - The year they were quarantined...

I feel the need to share these images because as we all know our seniors, class of 2020, were robbed from their graduation! They worked so hard for this moment and you can understand the mixed emotions they must feel. I captured images of these two smart, beautiful, young ladies on the day of their graduation. They were disappointed and a bit upset about missing out on their graduation ceremony. We were actually streaming it live during our photo session. As I took a photo of them with their face masks, I asked them to express how they felt about Covid, graduation, etc... I normally wouldn't capture, post or share images of this nature but I think it's valid. We could all relate to feeling upset about the Corona Virus and well the feelings were raw and real as we were waiting to hear their names be called on the virtual ceremony.

#FuckCovid #CoronaVirus #TheYearWhereTheyWereQuarantined #Classof2020

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