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Heaven Sent

On July 8, 2018, I received a picture text of 2 positive pregnancy tests from my not so little cousin. She had been trying a few years and my first thought was, "Awe, my Tia would be so happy right now!" Although, I know she is watching her from above I can't help but want to share this special moment with her. For my first pregnancy she took me to confirm my pregnancy by ultrasound in Mexico at 6 weeks pregnant and she cried tears of joy. She prayed so much for me to conceive. So I could only imagine how much joy a grandchild would bring to her life if she were here with us today. My cousin said she had a dream about a week before she took the pregnancy test and said that her Mom was rubbing her belly and smiled. How beautiful to have your mom send you a message like that in your dreams.

07/08/18: I'm Pregnant!


When I saw Mimi, look so beautiful, glowing with her baby bump I got so emotional. I had a knot in my throat and just told my Tia to help me capture extra special memories for her because I truly felt her presence at that moment. Mimi had already told me she wanted to include her parents into the session somehow but I didn't think I would actually feel their presence! We are all so happy for this blessing coming next month and we know this baby boy is heaven sent as her Ma & Apa handpicked this baby just for her.


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